• Post time: Jun-15-2020

    Hello everyone, today I have a question to ask you, what method does your company use to enhance the feelings between the teams?In our opinion, the team building activity is a good choice. From June 11th to 13th, our company conducted a three-day outdoor development training in the scenic Dafosha...Læs mere »

  • Post time: Feb-26-2020

    The virus was first reported in late December. It is believed to have spread to humans from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan, a city in central China.   China set a record in identifying the pathogen in a short time following the outbreak of the contagious disease.   The World Health O...Læs mere »

  • Post time: Jan-08-2020

            On December 31, 2019, the New Year Party of Jinan Quick CNC Company arrived as scheduled. All employees and partners gathered together, counting the hardships and hardships during the year. After listening to the summary of 2019 by various departments and looking...Læs mere »

  • Post time: Nov-23-2019

    On November 20th, Pakistani customers came to visit our factory,After lunch, they asked about the factory situation in detail,the details of the machine configuration, watched the process of sample test, and finally decided to purchase a k45,made a high evaluation of our company. We have demons...Læs mere »

  • Post time: Oct-30-2019

        Introduce UE-481 is the latest CNC router center produced by the Quick CNC company. Automatic cnc wood cutting machine UE-481 ,it is economic designed body with linear ATC .You can improve custom routing jobs for more than one of cut or tool type. Save more hours and avoid wasted m...Læs mere »

  • Clients Visiting
    Post time: Sep-27-2019

    On the afternoon of September 24th, customers from Brazil visited our factory. They inquired about k45mt, UC481, UC481 automatic loading and unloading, and other models.We also did a sample test for the customer on the UC481 automatic loading and unloading and k45mt these two models,which draw al...Læs mere »

  • Post time: Aug-17-2019

    Raja, a customer from Lebanon, sent me an enquiry on July 30, 2019. He described to me that the plate he wanted to process was HDPE, and he sent me a piece of plate, and he sent us a picture and asked us to process it as required.  He said all writing inside the red rectangles must be engraved 3...Læs mere »

  • Post time: Jul-04-2019

      Today our machine K1 arrived at customer’s factory . It used to for panel cutting and drilling . whole house customization production line is very poplar in China .save house space and improve life quality .         Læs mere »

  • Post time: Jun-06-2019

    The Duanwu Festival, also often known as the Dragon Boat Festival, is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice.The festival now occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar, which is the source of the festival’s alternative...Læs mere »

  • Post time: Jun-06-2019

    QUICK CNC DESKTOP CNC ROUTER K6090T Desktop CNC Routers are popular for prototyping, small batch production or even home workshops. You will find high quality small CNC routers that feature: welded, one-piece steel frames for quick assembly and accurate alignment from the start. A 3HP spindle, w...Læs mere »

  • Post time: Jun-06-2019

      CMC Design & Hebe Natural Children’s Furniture are a dedicated team of craftspeople who work in the Bay of Islands, one of the most breathtaking places on earth. The CNC work is great!  Thanks for helping me on this project, you guys are the first that get it and can deliver, I ...Læs mere »

  • Post time: May-17-2019

    After 40 days production ,our machine arrived to customer’s factory . The final stages of setup are complete. All bells and whistles on this 3 axis router with a 1220 x 2440mm high working space. She’s big, she’s beautiful and she works with speed and precision! It is auto loade...Læs mere »

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