Tabletop 6090 CNC router

Tabletop 6090 CNC router

Short Description:

Tabletop 6090 CNC router is a small cnc machine ideal for prototyping and smaller production runs. It features a work envelope of 24″ x 36″ and includes an industrial-grade, liquid-cooled electrospindle. Despite its smaller footprint, it has the same accuracy and cut quality of much larger CNC machines and woodworking routers.


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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets/per month
  • Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

Product Detail

Tabletop 6090 CNC router advantage:

1.Tabletop 6090 CNC router water pump provides coolant for the router spindle motor. Running the router spindle without the cooling pump running can lead to spindle bearing failure.

2.Touch-off puck is plugged into the socket on the side of the router head,we can know the length of the tool faster .

3.Tabletop 6090 CNC router base is produced by CNC machine, and machine base’s five sides are produced at one same procession to make sure the machine body geometry tolerance is standard.

4.Ruggedly constructed machine structure. Material is Stress relieved and annealed for deformation free,thus always keep machine accurate.   

mini cnc router 6090


Parts of Tabletop 6090 CNC router:

a). 2.2kw water cooling spindle HQD

b). Dust hood for spindle

c). 2.2kw Delta inverter

d). Ball screw on all axis

e). Linear Guide way  15mm

f). Stepper Motor

j). Machine body design

h). Router Bit

i). MDF T slot table

g). Position of stop switches

k). DSP handheld controller Model: DSP A11

Tabletop 6090 CNC router


Tabletop 6090 CNC router specification:
Machine Specification
X-Y-Z axis working area
Machine size
Repositioning resolution
System resolution
X-Y-Z movement
Ball screw drive/Germany
Max. speed
Max.cutting speed
2.2kw water cooling spindle
Spindle speed
24,000 RPM
Inverter power
2.2kw Delta
Drive motors
Stepper motor
Working voltage
Command code
G code
Computer interface
USB 2.0
T-slot table with mechanical clamps
Auto tool sensor
Tabletop 6090 CNC router


Production sample of tabletop 6090 CNC router

Using tabletop 6090 CNC router , we can produce beautiful handicrafts and wood-finished products. Our machines have high precision and can process wood products quickly and perfectly. With this small machine, you can process many beautiful carvings. If you have high requirements for the engraving process, then I believe that our machines will give you the best works.

Tabletop 6090 CNC router



 Tabletop 6090 CNC router are used in the customer’s factory:

Customers use tabletop 6090 CNC router to greatly improve their work efficiency, and accurately produce beautiful works, which makes our  routers come to the customer’s praise. Our  routers bring great benefits to our customers’ factories, and our customers are very willing to work with us to purchase our  routers.

tabletop 6090 cnc router


 Tabletop 6090 CNC router delivery:

If you order our machines, we will provide you with quality delivery services, all of which are strictly packed and shipped. Our shipping processes are also carried out in strict accordance with customer and international shipping regulations. If you order our machines, we will also deliver them on time.

Tabletop 6090 CNC router

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