Otomatis beban & ngabongkar momotanana ATC UC-481

Otomatis beban & ngabongkar momotanana ATC UC-481

Pondok Description:

Automatic Load/Unload System

Rotary Tool Changer

12 HP (9kw)HSD Spindle

Automatic Lubrication

vacuum table 

5.5kw Becker vacuum pump 

  • Min.Order kuantitas: 1 set
  • Suplai Kamampuhan: 200 susunan / per bulan
  • Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen
  • Sarat pembayaran: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T

jéntré produk

1. kaku struktur mesin diwangun. Bahan anu stress lega sarta annealed pikeun deformasi bébas tetep mesin akurat jeung struktur stabilitas.

2. Machine base milling and drilling are made by CNC machine which can process 5 sides at the same time to  make sure the machine body geometry tolerance is standard.

3. Advanced téhnologi bubuk palapis tetep warna mesin awakna langgeng sarta seger.

4.Provides positive pressure, air/oil lubrication to the linear trackway bearings and the ball screws  This has two major benefits:  First, it eliminates the lubrication points which must be servided each shift.  Second, it provides positive pressure to the bearing, preventing contamination from entering the bearing.  This allows the machine to function in difficult, dusty or hostile environments. 

5.Provides an automatic method of measuring tool length and entering tool length offset numbers into the control.  This automatically compensates for the new tool length, eliminating the need to precisely locate the cutter bit.  It provides a highly accurate method of adjusting tool length for pocketing or profile edges.

6.Universal Vacuum System is a unique method for holding panels to the table top for machining.  A sheet of particleboard or low density MDF is used as a work surface on the top fo the table.  The high flow pump vacuums through the work surface, holding the part to the table. We provide Germany 5.5kw Becker pump ,250m3/h .

7.Auto load and unload system save labor and material cost .

auto loading and unloading cnc router

Wooden door, cabinet, panel furniture, closet, etc. 

UC-481 otomatis loading & unloading
aréa digawé xyz
1.220 x 2.440 x 200mm
gerakan XY
Rak jeung pinion, gear drive / Taiwan
gerakan Z
Bola screw drive / Jerman
Liniér ¢ 25 pasagi / Taiwan
Max. kagancangan
60,000mm / mnt
Max. speed motong
30,000mm / mnt
méja vakum lapisan ganda
9,6 kw ATC cooling hawa spindle
speed Spindle
alat changer
servo alat changer, 10pcs parabot tipe sirkular
Motor jeung supir
850w Servo motor tur supir / Japan YASJAWA
tegangan gawe
AC380V / 50-60Hz, 3-fase
UcanCAM V10
Taiwan Syntec
Oli lubrication
alat sensor
pompa vakum
4kw Jerman Becker
loading & unloading


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