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CMC Design & Hebe Natural Children’s Furniture are a dedicated team of craftspeople who work in the Bay of Islands, one of the most breathtaking places on earth.

The CNC work is great! 
Thanks for helping me on this project, you guys are the first that get it and can deliver, I really appreciate it. 
Best regards,
Andrew Finn
Product Prototype


We are now home to the largest CNC router cutting machine in the North

Our machine boasts a 3 axis router with a 3mtr x 2mtr x 300mm high working space and works with speed and precision.

This is great news for any boat builders, woodworkers, designers, builders and architects or anyone with a project.

We can cut large and small sheets of wood, acrylic, composites, foam etc.

  • 3D digital design and CNC machining service with 20 years industry experience
  • Boat frames, moulds for keels, centreboards, rudders, patterns and plugs
  • Door panels, frames, signage, wall plaques
  • 3D and fretwork
  • Large and small production runs.  Get jobs cut quicker and minimise material wastage
  • Models, props and artwork, public installations and interior design
  • Product design and prototypes

They bought machine 3 years ago , we are glad to hear that quick cnc machine still works nice .

Post time: Jun-06-2019
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