Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router

Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets/per month
  • Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

Product Detail

                 Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router


Product description


  Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router is a small cnc router ideal for prototyping ,guitar manufacturing

and smaller production runs. Despite its smaller footprint, it has the same accuracy and cut quality

of much larger CNC machines and woodworking routers. So K6090T wildly popular, our desktop

CNC routers consists of space-saving machines at adorable prices. As excellent starer models, this

CNC can produce a wide variety of designs with tremendous precision, save your space, automatic

tool change improve your efficiency, assist you to achieve your ideas.

Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router




Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router has many advantages:

1.Provide five basic types of router bits:These are the standard router bits that are commonly

used with handheld routers and are readily available at home centers.

2. Automatic tool change 6090 CNC wood router base is produced by CNC machine, and machine

base’s five sides are produced at one same procession to make sure the machine body geometry

tolerance is standard.     

3.Handheld controllers with screens displaying the tool path and the G-code during design.

4.Automatic Tool Change, where machines can automatically change between three tools during one program .

5. Automatic tool change 6090 CNC wood router dust hood fits onto the router spindle and takes

a 4-inch dust hose. It has a hinge side panel for easy access to the router spindle.


Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router





X-Y-Z axis working area  600 X900X260mm
Repositioning resolution  0.02mm
X-Y-Z movement  Ball screw drive 
System Resolution 0.0025mm
Guide  Linear  15 square/Taiwan
Max. speed  8m/min
Max. cutting speed 5m/min
Spindle power  2.2kw water cooling
Spindle speed  24,000rpm
Inverter power  2.2kw Delta 
Tool Type   Automatic
Drive motors Stepper Motor
Working voltage  AC220V/50-60Hz,1-phase
Command code G code
Computer interface  USB 2.0
Table   MDF T slot  
Control system  DSP B57
Collet ER20- 3.175mm, 6mm, 12.7mm
software   Artcam ,Alphacam copy


2.2kw water cooling spindle 2.2kwAutomatic tool changers          Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router
2.2kw Delta inverter  2.2kwcabinet show          Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router
       Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router Stepper MotorA motor that derives its motion by receivinvery specific sequence.The most common type is one each

input pulse.

This provides a very simple way of coprecisely with the use of common digital logic circuitry.

      Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router MDF T slot tableThe advantage of MDF table is you can flat the table easily and table Not easily deformed
Position of stop switchesThe stop switches are activated by proximity to steel items and can be tested by placing a screwdriver or something similar on the activation face (top).When activated, a LED should light. If

the LED does not come on, the switch or wiring is faulty.

         Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router
DSP handheld controller Model :D SP B57Automatic tool change process, rapid, accurate, safeSupport drive, frequency converter fault alarm.

“T” order recognize mode, support more numbers of tools.

Support tool store lid, additional features such as dust-proof cover etc.

 allows 4 axis function, Large color screen, you can see the G code

         Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router



Packing and payment

1.Whole film packaging machine

2.Anti-collision package edge

3.Fumigation-free plywood wooden box with iron binding belt

4.According to customer’s requirements for loading the whole container or LCL at Qingdao port.

Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router 



Mini 6090 desktop atc cnc router









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