4 Axis Auto Työkalunvaihtojärjestelmä

  • UA-481 CNC cutting machine

    UA-481 CNC cutting machine advantage: 1. UA-481 CNC cutting machine 4 pole spindle motors provide high torque at both low and high speed. 2. UA-481 CNC cutting machine have bed sizes especially suited to the woodworking industry. 3. All of our machines include a powerful vacuum system and suitabl... Read More
  • UA-481 wood CNC router

    UA-481 wood CNC router advantage: 1. All of our machines include a powerful vacuum system and suitable vacuum table integral to the machine. The vacuum table can be used for nested sheet manufacturing or standard vacuum fixture work holding. 2. UA-481 wood CNC router have bed sizes especially sui... Read More
  • Heavy Duty Auto Työkalunvaihtojärjestelmä UA-481

    UA-481 is heavy duty linear type auto tool changing machine center with excellent configurations. Boring    head and auto loading & unloading parts are optional. It can be used in furniture decoration    industry, wood products processing, musical instruments industry, artwork industry and ... Read More
  • 4 Axis KH4A Auto Työkalunvaihtojärjestelmä

    Features of 4 Axis CNC Router KH4A   1. Square tube lathe bed and steel gantry make the machine body more stable and much                  stronger;   2. High speed HSD ATC air cooling spindle and high performance servo drivers make sure to            work stably for the long time;   3. The mach... Read More
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